-The Staff list is tentative and will be updated by early May. Griffith will be there and you can bet on an outstanding supporting staff of 5 to 8 other top alums/coaches.

Attorney Griffith William Vertican: Griffith is the 2007 National Champion in collegiate debate, winning the NPDA national tournament. He is Head Coach of the VALOR Debate Club and his students won 1st place in Parli Debate at the 2013 National Championships, were ranked #1 in TP debate (Marton/Winchel), ranked #1 in LD (Buck) in 2015 and won the over NITOC tournament champion award in 2015 (Abel). He founded NIHD in 2008. With 150 participants, Griffith is also the Director of the Biggest and Best annual Debate Camp in the Nation at the NIHD Speech and Debate Camp! See https://nihd.homeschooldebate.net/ for more information.

Josiah McGee: Josiah is one of Union University's top college debaters and he is also a top Stoa alum. His accomplishments include:
-State titles in Apol, Extemp, and Parli (2015)
-Gave Team South Korea their only tournament loss in a World School Debate invitational
-Five top 15 placements in NITOC events
-Top 10 LD Speaker points NITOC 2015
-National Tournament runner-up IPDA JV (2016)
-National runner-up IPDA JV Season Long (2015-2016)
-National Champion IPDA JV Season Long Speaker Points (2015-2016)

Joseph Abell: Joseph is the only debater ever to be named national tournament champion in both Stoa (2015) and NCFCA (2016)! After a freak accident in a game of Twister, Joseph sustained a concussion that halted any further hopes of an athletic career. A week later, he chose to drop sports and pursue forensics to the fullest. His most recent year in Stoa took him through a record-setting competition of 18 tournaments, claiming 4 entrances into the Stoa Hall of Fame by the end of it. He was blessed to win 1st place speaker in both Parli and LD debate at Stoa Nationals, finishing the season with the highest composite debate speaking rank in league history. Joseph was the NITOC 2015 Tournament Champion and is focused on motivating others to excellence through his career in debate coaching.

Michael Tant: Michael is an IP (Individual Policy) National Champion and has competed in Academic School Speech and Debate for 8 years in both STOA, NCFCA, and numerous Collegiate leagues. Debate was always his favorite thing and he has competed in all events possible LD, TP, Parliamentary, Individual policy, IPDA, Team IPDA, Moot Court, Public Forum, and even Mock Congress. In both 2015 and 2016 he was ranked in the top 3 in Parliamentary debate in the nation going into NITOC and has won numerous tournaments in all kinds of debate events. He is also currently ranked in the top 5 teams in Parli in the nation for collegiate debate, and he is the 2017 IPDA Professional National Champion.
Michael loves the Lord and he believes that Speech and Debate has equipped him to serve the purpose of furthering God's kingdom.

Lucie Gillette: Lucie competed in Stoa for five years in various events: TP, LD, and Parli, in addition to many speech events, receiving 22 first place regional awards. At the 2014 NITOC, Lucie placed 10th in Lincoln Douglas Value Debate, and at the 2015 NITOC, she placed 5th in Team Policy Debate. Lucie has taught and coached her club's students and NIHD San Diego campers. Lucie loves Jesus, loves people, and loves to travel. She plans to study languages at Point Loma Nazarene University in the fall.

Jacob Myhre: Jacob has debated for over 7 years at both the college and high school level in five different styles of debate including policy, value, parliamentary, public form, and IPDA. He has been instructing in debate since his sophomore year of high school. He continues now by providing private lessons. Presently, he is an international relations major at Middle Tennessee State University, and in the future, he plans to attend law school in order to earn his Juris Doctorate and practice law.