Attorney Griffith William Vertican: Griffith is the 2007 National Champion in collegiate debate, winning the NPDA national tournament. He is Head Coach of the VALOR Debate Club and his students won 1st place in Parli Debate at the 2013 National Championships, were ranked #1 in TP debate (Marton/Winchel), ranked #1 in LD (Buck) in 2015 and won the over NITOC tournament champion award in 2015 (Abel). He founded NIHD in 2008. With 150 participants, Griffith is also the Director of the Biggest and Best annual Debate Camp in the Nation at the NIHD Speech and Debate Camp! See for more information.

Michael Tant: Michael is an IP (Individual Policy) National Champion and has competed in Academic School Speech and Debate for 8 years in both STOA, NCFCA, and numerous Collegiate leagues. Debate was always his favorite thing and he has competed in all events possible LD, TP, Parliamentary, Individual policy, IPDA, Team IPDA, Moot Court, Public Forum, and even Mock Congress. In both 2015 and 2016 he was ranked in the top 3 in Parliamentary debate in the nation going into NITOC and has won numerous tournaments in all kinds of debate events. He is also currently ranked in the top 5 teams in Parli in the nation for collegiate debate, and he is the 2017 IPDA Professional National Champion.
Michael loves the Lord and he believes that Speech and Debate has equipped him to serve the purpose of furthering God's kingdom.

Luke McConnell
did speech and debate for four years. He ranked in the top five in two Speech Events during his Senior Year and won several tournaments in those events respectively. Luke is currently a Sophomore in college and taking a Paralegal Certification Program through Oakbrook College of Law in Northern California. His plans are to study Law after attending Colorado Christian University for three years beginning Fall of 2018. The most memorable LD experience was finishing 9th in the nation at NITOC 2017. Luke looks forward to what the Lord has planned for the future, and is definitely excited about all the fun experiences at NIHD 2018!

Austin Janik
is a STOA Alumni who competed in Lincoln Douglas Debate, Parliamentary Debate, and many speech events including extemp, broadcasting, and expository. He received 1st place in the Ronald Regan Great Communicator Debate's Western Region, and was regularly a top competitor at NITOC and tournaments nationwide. In addition to debate, Austin Janik is also a talented magician and performs at the World Famous Magic Castle.

Lena Pacifici
is truly grateful for her five years in Stoa. Lena placed 3rd in NITOC 2017 in Lincoln Douglas Debate and was consistently ranked top LD speaker throughout the tournament seasons. In addition to debate, Lena thrived on all levels of speech including, Persuasive, Extemporaneous, Broadcasting, Apologetics, and Interpretive Events and has been awarded numerous speech event State Championships. Lena is actively pursuing an education and career in Political Science/Public Relations and has a desire to renew the history and irreplaceable principles our country was founded on. She is currently working at a local Christian Radio Broadcasting Agency and has taken on a variety of leadership roles in her community such as Inspector of 2016/2017 Election Polls, California State Senate Campaign Work, and AWANA teacher at her church.